Gregory Deen Campbell

Technically, photography is the capture of light as it reflects off a subject at a given moment. But photography is much more than that. Photography is an art.

  • Photography is recording history.
  • Photography is capturing a feeling or an emotion.
  • Photography is demonstrating an action.
  • Photography is selling an idea.
  • Photography is teaching the experience of others.

Photography to me is “the decisive moment,” as Henri Cartier-Bresson phrased it. I approach photography in all the fore-mentioned, but with the idea of capturing the decisive moment — the moment at its peak of action, of meaning, of emotion, and of understanding.

Anyone can capture a snapshot, a photo. But few can understand the importance of photographing the decisive moment that is artistic, historical, emotional, and telling. When we see that photo, we know the truth. That is why I am a photographer and what I do as a photojournalist.